Cooperative Program Giving and Inflation

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I’ve seen lots of discussion about Cooperative Program giving and inflation, but couldn’t find any numbers or charts.  So I made this one (click it for a larger version), covering 1973 to 2009: The green line is “nominal” Cooperative Program giving to the SBC (i.e., the amount forwarded to the SBC).  “Real” giving is shown… Read more »

SBC 2009

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I just finished the 2nd of 3 annual conventions as a member of the  Southern Baptist Convention’s Committee on Order of Business.  The Committee is charged with setting a schedule for the Convention, and handling motions made by the Messengers.  Unpacking the whole convention will take weeks or years, but here are few thoughts: It’s… Read more »

DeVine on Emergent.

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This morning, I attended a talk by Mark DeVine, at the Blue River/Kansas City Baptist Association’s “Leader Learning Lunch.” Dr. DeVine is writing (at a furious pace) about the good, the bad and the ugly of the “emerging” and “emergent” church. I won’t attempt to re-write what he said, since his papers state his position… Read more »

My two cents (rounded up).

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Marty Duren has a thought provoking post on what the SBC might look like in the future. It’s meant to provoke and cajole a little bit, especially if you’re just getting used to calling the Home Mission Board ‘NAMB’ – only to see Marty suggest carving it into little bits and mailing them north of… Read more »

Frank Page elected SBC President

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It appears that Messengers won’t dictate a percentage to local churches — but 12% is a good number to start with, if you want to win votes. Congrats to Frank Page, who wins without a run-off — barely. I understand that approximately 44 ballots were judged invalid, an amount greater than the number of votes… Read more »

Greensboro: Mohler Surrenders.

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My correspondent with a shaky camera writes that the Calvinsim debate is over, and that Mohler has surrenderd. Shofars are blowing near and far…