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TiVo is spreading the word to religious leaders about its parental controls. Apparently, parents can limit their children’s access to TV using lists of appropriate programming developed by trusted non-profits. Of course, this puts a heavy burden on the non-profits, and it’s probably not failsafe (there’s hardly a parental control that a determined adolescent can’t get around). But, it’s an admirable effort by TiVo to understand and connect with customers who might find this useful.

Now, if you could only get this new service paired with TV Guardian, the foul language filter, and you’d have a real winner…

Later: Welcome Challies readers!  Tim rightly asks “is this using the church for marketing purposes?”  It’s worth noting that the minister quoted in the article, Dina Steiner, is guarded about that, too: “She said that as pastor she will not push a particular product, but the breakfast did give her knowledge to share with parents concerned about controlling what their kids watch.”  Who knows if she was typical, but I’m glad to see her admit that there is a line.  It’s a different tone than a Chronicles of Narnia-themed sermon writing contest…

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  1. Randy

    This is great. Your commenting on TIVO and you have the old bunny ears working on the old tube. Good post anyways!
    I’d love the TIVO but I can’t get myself to go beyond limited basic. Which is the glorified bunny ears.

  2. Jon

    True, but I’ve got a junker 486 that has been my TiVo-just-waiting-to-be-made for nearly two years! If I could just find the time…

  3. Dorysabel

    I suppose we sholud close all the public schools and go back to living in caves and wearing animal skins. Public education is socialist too, but if we didn’t have public education, there would be far worse ignorance.None of the conservatives were complaining while GW Bush was shredding the constitution, trampling human rights, and sullying America’s reputation even worse than it already has been.You can’t tell me that all these overburdened tax payers would turn around and pay for their neighbor’s healthcare out of the goodness of their hearts if they weren’t being taxed for it. Handouts at the foodbank or the soup kitchen might make you feel good about yourself, but it isn’t going to fix the real problem with American healthcare.Capitalism and a system where the majority of the population is too poor to afford health insurance is the problem with the American healthcare system. Too many working poor people have to use the emergency room for everyday healthcare and minor problems that become major because they can’t afford to see the general practitioner. Then we have American drug companies holding the pharmaceutical consumers hostage with the price of medications. They continue to put unsafe drugs on the market, because they can’t turn a profit on treatments that are no longer patent protected. So they try to convince the consumer that the old treatments don’t work anymore and now we need to pay a fortune for some new untested and unsafe emerging product. This is what is driving the cost of healthcare into the stratosphere. Healthcare like public education sholud not be controlled by the market; there are some things in society that sholud be socialist. I’m not against capitalism, but it doesn’t work when it comes to healthcare or education.Capitalism needs the poor in order for the rich to become wealthier. Those at the bottom must work for a pittance without health insurance or retirement plans so that there are bigger profits for the wealthiest. In a way we have continued the tradition of slavery only now the slaves are free to work and die in a system that is rigged to keep them poor. There are many who would, intentionally or not, take away the only ladder the poor have, public education, by trying to privatize education. By privatizing education, it would become a business and those children who couldn’t make the grades would be eliminated from the system, to bring the bottom line up, to make the corporate education system more profitable .

  4. Aya

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